"Joy always will come in the morning, and when it does it's easy to smile. But what matters is who you are through the night, in the dark. The ones that smile when there's no reason too, those are the few that deserve the morning. If you make it through the night, you are made to last. That's where our band found its identity. Through the night"


Through The Night is an American rock band from St. Pauls, North Carolina. The band consists of Adam Johnson and Caleb Register. The band has been playing together since 2013, but they have known each other since they were young and grew up playing music together. Before June of 2017 the band had a full time drummer, Austin Wood, who is featured on the album Somewhere Close to Home. Wood now serves in the United States Army. The band began playing with each other under the band name Revolution. They changed their name to Through The Night in 2015. The band has released one album, “Somewhere Close To Home”, which consists of 10 original songs. The band’s album is available on ITunes and Google play. The album was said to have "a relaxed soft rock feel". Through The Night, in addition to the band, usually has a drummer, bass guitar player, and accompanying vocals when they preform live. 

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